Charlotte Joining Washington DC In Painting Giant “Black Lives Matter” On Street in Uptown


Charlotte is about to become the second major city in America to have a street-wide “Black Lives Matter” mural painted onto one of its busiest roads.

Yesterday during a business meeting, Charlotte’s City Manager Marcus Jones commented that the new mural would send a powerful message that’s in line with what DC has done over the past week.

Here is the mural that was painted on 16th St, directly in front of the White House in Washington (the entire street has since been renamed to “Black Lives Matter Plaza):

Here is the new mural in Charlotte which is being painted on South Tryon St in Uptown Charlotte:

By 2pm this afternoon, the outlining of the lettering was mostly complete and some additional artistic designs were being added to the letters:

The entire mural was finished at about 7pm this evening.

What do you think about the new mural?