Charlotte Is the 12th Most Desirable City for Remote Workers


Becoming a digital nomad is more appealing than ever with the incredible rise of remote work. But with so many options to choose from, which places actually offer the best value for money?

Based on 19 metrics, the new study shows exactly that: The top 50 U.S. cities where remote workers can enjoy a great work/life balance without breaking the bank.

According to the study, Charlotte is the 12th best city for remote workers. It outshines 138 other cities, ranking best in 3 metrics: share of high-end apartments, share of remote workers and occupancy rate for short-term rentals.

  • #7 for Comfort

Outperforming the top 5 most desirable cities for remote workers in this category, Charlotte boasts an average apartment size of 943 square feet, a 68% share of high-end apartments and a 21% share of newly built apartments.

  • #18 for Remote work readiness

The metrics that placed Charlotte among the top 20 in this category are the share of apartments with internet access (78%) and the share of remote workers (11.4%).

  • #63 for Leisure

Two big reasons pushed Charlotte in the first half of the list in the leisure category: 90% of all apartments in the city have access to sport amenities, while residents can enjoy 253 days with good air quality per year.

  • #83 for Affordability

While the cost of living can be high in the city, the average daily rate for short-term rentals of $167 and the average market rent of $1,580 placed Charlotte in front of other large cities like Charleston or Ashville in the affordability ranking.

Check out the full report to see how other cities are ranking, along with the detailed methodology here –