Charlotte Is About To Witness An Ultra-Rare ‘Super Flower Blood Moon’ This Weekend


This weekend stargazers are in for a treat as an ultra rare ‘Super Flower Blood Moon’ lunar eclipse is expected to peak over the Queen City just before Midnight this coming Sunday.

The components of a Blood Moon are not overly rare in themselves, but the combination of the Blood Moon, Super Moon, and Flower Moon on the same night is what will make May 15th an exceedingly special night.

A supermoon is the point of the moon’s orbit when it’s at its closest to Earth – its perigee – when it appears up to 14% larger and about 30% brighter than normal. A calendar year can see up to four supermoons.

A flower moon happens during spring time when the flowers are hitting their peak bloom, according to the Farmer’s Almanac.

A blood moon is another name for a lunar eclipse, which happens when the moon passes through the Earth’s shadow, making it appear slightly reddish in color.

In Charlotte, the penumbral phase of the Super Flower Blood Moon will begin on May 15th at 9:32pm and the eclipse will reach its full totality at exactly 11:29pm when the moon will be 29 degrees above the South-Southeastern Horizon while standing at the corner of Trade and Tryon.


The moon’s totality will end at 12:53 am on May 16th, and the moon passes out of the umbra at 1:55 am The penumbral phase (and the eclipse) will officially end at 2:50 am on Monday morning.