Charlotte Hornets vs. Chicago Bulls Prediction


The 2019 pre-season is done and dusted and Charlotte Hornets are now looking to step into the 2019 NBA season. The first match that Hornets are playing at the start of the new NBA season is against the Chicago Bulls. It will be a home game for the Hornets and is to be played at Spectrum Center, Charlotte, NC on 23rd October 2019 at 23:00 hours UTC. The pre-season has been a tough road and the Charlotte Hornets were able to just win one out of the five matches they played. This will be the first game of the new season for both teams. The Chicago Bulls, on the other hand, have a pre-season record of 2 wins and 3 losses. From these statistics, it can be said that the two teams are more or less evenly matched and it could be anyone’s game on 23rd October.

Hornet’s NBA Performance in the Past

The Charlotte Hornets has been playing the NBA regular season since 1988. It changed its name to Charlotte Bobcats in 2004 and was known in this name until 2014. The Hornets started to us their original name from 2014. It is one of the most popular teams in the NBA circuit and is one of the leading teams in North Carolina. The Hornets have not had the chance to lift the NBA Championship title. It has had a decent run in most of the NBA seasons since its inception in 1988. Their best season was in 1997 when they recorded a win percentage of .659 and a record of 54–28. The team had a good record in 1998 as well with 51 wins and 31 losses and a WPCT of .622.

The Charlotte Hornet team’s major stake is now at the hands of former star player Michael Jordan. He was the star of the Chicago Bulls team. This will be a big booster for the players and the team management as a whole as they have the backing and support of a basketball giant.

A New Season without Kemba Walker

The biggest change that you will see in the Hornets lineup is their missing star player Kemba Walker. Walker came into the Hornets team in 2011 after his stint with the University of Connecticut. He played for the Hornets franchise since making the NBA debut in 2011. This year, he has moved on to Boston Celtics and will be their point guard. Walker was responsible for the Charlotte Hornets to take part in the NBA playoffs twice. The team’s overdependence on Walker was evident in recent years. Now, Walker has moved on to fill the vacant spot of Boston’s Kyrie Irving and Terry Rozier has been drafted into the team in place of Walker. Rozier is aware that he has to step up and fill the big shoes of Walker for his new team. Rozier is not a regular starter in the NBA and has only done so 30 times in his career. He was always the second option for the Boston Celtics after Irving.

The Players to Feature for Hornets

Dwayne Bacon is a sure shot player in the Hornets lineup. He has impressed one and all with his basketball skills in the last few games. If you are a Charlotte Hornets fan and are interested in knowing the NBA betting odds, then betting on Bacon can bring in the riches. He can turn the game on its head and on his given day, he is devastating. Hornets will be looking for some miracles from him during the long season. There is depth in the Hornets’ roster and they have strong players in Miles Bridges, Nicolas Batum, Marvin Williams, and Cody Zeller. They also have a strong reserve with PL Washington, Malik Monk, and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist in the reserve list.

The Hornets have enough in their tank to record some wins in the 2019 NBA season, despite the fact that they are on a team rebuilding process. The top teams will look to reduce the burden on their top players when they play against low ranked teams like Hornets. This could turn advantage from the Hornets who can use their quality players to cause an upset or two over the top-ranked teams.

Bulls are Also Rebuilding

Like the Charlotte Hornets, the Chicago Bulls are also on a rebuilding process. They have been doing so for the past couple of NBA seasons and this is why they have been performing lower than their normal standards. The poor performance in the 2018 NBA season was attributed to the coaching changes and injuries to key players. The Bulls squad also has a lot of promising players, but none of them have been able to step up to the occasion and perform consistently.

Zach LaVine came into the Bulls team after Jimmy Butler’s trade-off in 2017. He has not been able to unleash his full potential and show what he is worthy of for the Chicago Bulls as he suffered injury in the first season. He has only played 24 games for the Bulls in the 1st season. He played 63 games last year and had an average of 23.7 points per game. The same is the case with the 2017 draft Lauri Markkanen. He was also not able to stay healthy, but when fit, he can be a destructive player.

Hornets vs. Bull Prediction

This is the first game for the 2019 NBA season for both teams. It is going to be a hard-fought one and will also have a close finish with not a lot of points separating the two teams. Considering the Bulls form of late and the fact that they are featuring in an away game, the odds of this fight is slightly tilted towards the Hornets favor. The Bulls are sure going to put out a tough fight and will come very close to what the Hornets score. In the end, the Hornets would be the winning team by less than 10 to 12 points. This prediction is taking into account the type of performance that Hornets show at home and their losing margin of the Bulls of 8.5 points on an average for their away games.