Charlotte Home Nursing Agency Set for Expansion, Seeking Qualified Nurses


Many families with special needs children are more comfortable with in-home nursing care than risking potential exposure in hospitals or other medical facilities, creating a boom for some home care nursing companies.

One such home nursing company is Home Rule LLC, a North Carolina based agency founded in 2018 that provides skilled nursing in homes throughout the state, helping medically fragile children and adults who are on ventilators or have medical conditions that without in-home nursing care might otherwise require hospitalization or living in a facility.

Home Rule CEO Christy McGlothlin said, “Home Rule is expanding throughout North Carolina to help relieve the enormous stress of parents and other in-home caregivers who are torn between continuing their personal caregiving that often leaves them sleep-deprived and unable to work vs. taking a hospitalization/facility path. We offer the in-home solution of skilled nursing so family members may get much needed rest to better be able to care for their loved ones. Giving parents a break has not only helped our medically fragile clients but has also helped their oft’ frazzled caregivers. We look forward to our new expansion so we may help many more North Carolinians in need.”

During the expansion, Home Rule is seeking to hire an additional 200 new nurses who would prefer to work in a home environment rather than in a hospital or other medical institution. Full time, part time and PRN positions are available.

Nurses interested in applying for work in homes for Home Rule LLC, may contact Home Rule in their Charlotte regional office in Hickory, North Carolina by calling 919-800-8017 or emailing or may submit their resumes online at: to become part of the Home Rule team.