Charlotte High Schooler Makes Epic Rap Video To Get Into Harvard – Now Going Viral


An extremely ambitious Charlotte high schooler (currently a senior at Ardrey Kell) is taking things to the next level in his attempt to get into Harvard.

Ethan Kim, with the help of his friend Carson Philbin, wrote, filmed, and released an epic rap video after learning his Harvard application was put on deferment.

The closing lines of the rap include:

Honestly I think that I have shot (Okay)
Asked to be different and this what I got (Ah)
I am unique, I’m a Kurvy Korean
North Carolina and that’s where I be In
If it don’t work I was proud to me (Yessir)
Project myself with the best I can be
Getting rejected I will never pout
But this is me here and you gonna miss out (Ah)

The video was uploaded on February 6th and has already been viewed over 380,000 times on YouTube alone:

The video included 2 disclaimers in the description:

DISCLAIMER: “I know that simply making a rap video is not going to get me into one of the best colleges in the world, but this is the best representation of me. Ultimately, wherever I end up is where I belong.” -Ethan Kim

DISCLAIMER 2: “I’m sorry for wearing shoes in the house. It hurt me to do so. Don’t worry, as soon as we were done filming, my mom made me clean the carpet.”- Ethan Kim

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