Charlotte Giving Away $20,000 In Grants To Help Foster Relationships With Our Sister Cities


The Charlotte International Cabinet has just announced it’s annual sister cities grants.

The cabinet will be giving 4 local non-profit organizations $5,000 each to help foster our relationships with our sister cities around the world.

One grant will be awarded for each of the following categories;

  • Community-wide engagement event: this would include public forums, festivals, concerts, etc. These types of projects would be entirely open to the public. These events are not required to be free of charge but entry fee should be no more than $20.
  • Hosting a visiting Sister City group: Organizations can submit a grant application for the costs of hosting a Sister City. Submission should include details of how the visiting group will be introduced to Charlotte history and culture as well as how visitors will participate in exchanges with Charlotteans.
  • Project submitted by public or not-for-profit K-12 schools: To open opportunities this category is dedicated to funding projects managed by K-12 public schools. The project awarded in this category is exempt from the matching funds requirement. This project will receive funding in installments to ease the financial burden.
  • Innovative projects: Organizations should submit in this category if the project explores creative ways to build relationships with our Sister Cities.
    Application deadlines
Charlotte’s Sister City relationships are run by committees of volunteers. The City encourages citizen diplomacy and direct contact with our sister cities through educational, cultural and civic exchanges. The City of Charlotte is a Member of Sister Cities International. Each of our sister Cities has a Facebook group that you can join corresponding to each of our sister cities;

Arequipa, Peru (Ah-Reh-KEEP-Ah)
Charlotte’s first Sister City. Arequipa became our Sister City in 1962
Charlotte – Arequipa Sister City Relationship on Facebook

Krefeld, Germany (Kreh-feld)
Krefeld became a Sister City in 1985
Charlotte – Krefeld Sister City Relationship on Facebook

Baoding, People’s Republic of China (Bow-ding) 
Baoding became our Sister City in 1987
Charlotte – Baoding Sister City Relationship on Facebook

Voronezh, Russia (Vah-ROH-nesh) 
Voronezh became our Sister City in 1991
Charlotte – Voronezh Sister City Relationship on Facebook

Limoges, France (Leem-OGE with a soft g)
Limoges became our Sister City in 1992
Charlotte – Limoges Sister City Relationship on Facebook

Wrocław, Poland (VROTS-wahv)
Wrocław became our Sister City in 1993
Charlotte – Wrocław Sister City Relationship on Facebook

Kumasi, Ghana (Koo-MA-si)  Kumasi became our Sister City in 1995
Charlotte – Kumasi Sister City Relationship on Facebook

Hadera, Israel (Ha-DER-a)
Charlotte signed a declaration of intent to become twinned with Hadera in 2008.

Applications for the sister city grants can be submitted online here from December 10th through February 1st. Grant awardees will be announced at the February Charlotte International Cabinet Meeting.