Charlotte Family Needs Another $124,000 By Tomorrow For Cancer Surgery


The Giraudo family is pleading with the Charlotte community to help save their Monica’s life.

Their insurance company denied a surgical procedure that was scheduled by the hospital, and now, if they aren’t able to raise $150,000 by November 29th, the surgery will be canceled. They’ve raised just over $11,000 in the past couple days through their GoFundMe campaign…now they’re praying for a miracle.

“Monica Mitchell-Giraudo, was diagnosed in April of 2016 with Stage III Fallopian Tube cancer. After 18 rounds of intensive chemotherapy and surgery, and a 7-month remission, the cancer has returned with a vengeance. She is now considered Stage IV, with very aggressive tumor growth, and is in dire need of our help. Two days before Thanksgiving, she and her family learned devastating news. Monica’s cytoreduction surgery (CRS), HIPEC procedure, and hospitalization, scheduled for next Monday, November 27 was 100% completely denied by their insurance because it was deemed as investigative and experimental. Unfortunately, this treatment is the very best option at this time, and will give her the best possible outcome. Without this surgery and procedure, the outcome will be grave. At this time, the surgery has been pushed back until Monica and her family are able to come up with $150,000.00 (estimated cost) to allow for this entire surgery. If they are unable to come up with this money in 6 days (Wednesday, November 29), the surgery, rescheduled for December 5, will not happen.”

In yesterday’s campaign update, Monica’s husband posted, “We are now into our 3rd day of fundraising to reach our goal of $150,000.00 by NOVEMBER 29. YESTERDAY’S fundraising gifted us with $2,500.00, providing us a total of $11,000.00 in the last two days! THIS IS A HUGE BLESSING, AND WE ARE HUMBLED WITH GRATITUDE!! Of course, we still have a very long way to go.

You can read more on their GoFundMe campaign here.

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