Charlotte Entrepreneurs Just Launched A New Landscaping Company Using Robot “Automowers”


robomow-company-in-charlotteTwo Charlotte Entrepreneurs are now working to replace Charlotte’s landscaping industry with robots…at least when it comes to mowing lawns.

Their new company, HomeVP, leases robotic lawn mowers, along with regular maintenance and some manual services. They currently have 3 levels of service; basic ($139/month), standard ($179/month), and complete ($209/month), with the higher packages offering weed control, aeration, fertilization, and more.

All packages include a Robomow, which is kept at the client’s home. The machine is similar to the Roomba vacuum cleaner, automatically mowing your lawn at set intervals of time, returning to its charging base whenever it runs out of power, or when it detects that all the grass has been mowed.

Woody Chin and his business partner Nick Sagnella launched their Robomow leasing company earlier this month and already have 10 clients, their goal is to sign up at least 1,000 new clients over the next 2 years.

If you’d like to find out more about their company, check out

You could also buy your own Robomow lawnmower for $1,299 on Amazon, or a competitor, such as the WORX Landroid for $936, or the Husqvarna Automower for $1,999