Charlotte Douglas Banned Uber Driver for Pro-Trump Signs


An Uber driver has just been banned from driving passengers to and from the Charlotte Douglas Airport after several riders complained about the pro-Trump decorations on his car.

Steven Weiler was asked to remove his “Trump 2020” decal and his two rear “Drain The Swamp” bumper stickers, or he’d no longer be allowed to opperate his Uber service at the airport.

The airport cited an agreement they have with Uber that lists several requirements Uber drivers must follow while on the airport property, including; “No Advertising or Promotions,” which states that, “No vehicle shall post or display, on the exterior thereof, any signage or other displays except for Uber’s name and/or logo.”

Here’s a shot of the back of Weiler’s car, with a full-sized ‘Trump 2020’ window decal and ‘drain the swamp’ bumper stickers;

Weiler also noted that “I’ve did 2575 rides in 17 months and never had anybody refuse a ride or have I ever not given a ride”;

2 days ago, he tweeted an image of a sign taped to the Charlotte Douglas Airport billboard that reads, “America – More evidence that liberals are a forest fire destroying everything”, and said “It’s on with these bozos 🤡🤡” (referring to the airport);

Weiler has refused to remove his decals and bumper stickers and is still hoping to provide Uber rides to and from the airport.

The case is now under review by the Charlotte Douglas Airport and by Uber.

What do you think about this situation?

Do you think his signs are protected as ‘free speech’?