Charlotte Douglas Airport Just Launched A New Kitten-Cuddling Initiative


This morning the Charlotte Douglas Airport will be trying something completely new for our city – destressing passengers with free kitten cuddles.

According to a recent press release from the airport, the new kitten cuddling event will launch this morning from 9am-11am in the airport’s atrium.

The event is being described as a way “to thank passengers for choosing CLT and to extend our own dose of tender loving care to travelers,” according to the press release.

Ten kittens from CMPD Animal Care and Control will be on site, and they will speak with passengers about how they can adopt over 200 other animals that currently need homes.

Charlotte Douglas isn’t the first to use this strategy, cats have also been used for cuddling at the Denver International Airport and Calgary International Airport.

Today also happens to be International Cat Day – if you can’t make it to the airport, find a cat to cuddle wherever you happen to be!