Charlotte Douglas Airport Is Building One of the Largest Data Sculptures in The World


The Charlotte Douglas Airport is now building “one of the largest data sculpture visualizations in the world,” as part of their massive renovation overhaul to transform one of the Southeast’s largest transportation hubs into an “airport fit for a queen”.

They just released a new video for the massive visual data sculpture yesterday, which will connect the new concourse to the main terminal.

It will even be visible by vehicles approaching the airport:

They will also be adding a huge kinetic sculture in the food court, inspired by the contrails (or chemtrails) that planes leave in the sky;

…as well as a completely revamped and expanded terminal lobby for the airport, giving it a more space-age modern feel;

These recently announced upgrades are part of a $700 million multi-year overhaul of the airport, which includes adding significantly more capacity to the departure and arrival lanes, a new runway, new underground walk-ways, new public transportation and taxi lanes, new gates, and a fully renovated interior.

What do you think of the Charlotte Douglas Airport upgrades?