Charlotte Doctors Said Jude Wouldn’t Live 2 Weeks – He’s Now About To Turn 3 Years Old


‘SuperJude’ has now been covered by almost every media outlet in Charlotte multiple times, and has been featured on the cover of the NY Times, Huffington Post, and several other major media outlets.

So why all the attention?

Jude Sullivan Peters was diagnosed with one of the most lethal, and rarest diseases in the world – Type 1 RCDP. It’s an extreme form of dwarfism that results in respiratory problems, skeletal abnormalities, shortening of the bones in the arms and legs, and severe developmental disabilities. It’s so rare that doctors and scientists haven’t spent much time researching it, but now, largely due to all the attention Jude has been getting, they’re getting close to a cure.

When he was born, doctors told his parents that he would be lucky to live 2 weeks, on April 17th he will be turning 3 years old.

Charlotte Stories had the honor of filming sweet baby Jude last year for his birthday;

Hannah and Darla told me over and over again how important awareness and exposure was – the more attention RCDP gets, the more time scientists will spend on finding a cure. Thanks to the efforts of Rhizo Kids International , and all of the amazing supporters on Jude’s Facebook page, there is now more hope than ever that Jude’s RCDP might soon be cured!

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