Charlotte Creatives Debut Powerful Documentary for Fathers & Daughters


Several Charlotte creatives have just debuted a new documentary addressing an important cultural topic.

A Voice that Carries is an inspiring, real-life documentary that provide a narrative framework to help fathers understand how their influence and relationships with their daughters can cultivate a positive female body image and instill confidence among young women. A young woman’s perspective on herself and her body begins at a young age and what has not been discussed enough is what the role of a father can do to encourage healthy perspectives for daughters.

The narrative focuses on the development of the female body image from an early age, and how it evolves through the influence of media and societal pressures. It is clear that throughout history, the media has distorted and depicted what the ideal female body should resemble. However, what is rarely addressed but embodies just as much of an impact on body image as the media is the nurture of these young girls. A Voice that Carries aims at spreading awareness while also creating a change on an issue so predominant in today’s society.

You can find out more and watch the entire documentary on their website here.