Charlotte Company Now Selling ‘Family Cloth’ (reusable toilet paper)


A small startup in Charlotte is now trying to change the bathroom game and save the environment at the same time with a new product called ‘family cloth‘.

Family cloth, for those of you who aren’t from Asheville or Boone, is a polite euphemism for “reusable toilet paper.” Basically, you use the cloth wipes, drop in a bucket instead of the toilet, launder them, and repeat the cycle.

Charlotte’s own Creekside Kid now sells a wide variety of their ‘family cloth wipes‘, in a range of colors, patterns, and fabrics.

They note on their page that, “Moving toward a zero waste and minimalist lifestyle just got easier with Creekside Kid! We’re here to help you make the switch from disposable to reusable as simple as possible.”

According to a report by sustainability site, “each tree can only make about 1,000 rolls of toilet paper. Americans now use 7 billion rolls a year, which means that we’re now killing 7 million trees a year to clean our rears.”

Creekside Kid first started selling reusable ‘family cloths’ alongside their reusable baby wipes last summer after being inspired by Ecoy products and were surprised when the trend started to take off.

A growing number of families across the country are now making the shift;

I’ve seen a post shared a bunch about #familycloth and many comments like “ew” “no way”. So, I wanted to share my experience! We use Family cloth! We go through times we use it more than others, and right now with no children in cloth diapers, I don’t use it as much as I used to. But, I’m getting back in the groove. Here is what we do: I cut up an old, soft receiving blanket. We use these as cloth baby wipes as well. We personally use it only for pee, usually. But, I don’t see any issue using it for non-diarrhea type stool. We wipe and then throw it in a bag to hold it called a wet bag. Then, I empty the bag with our daily laundry. Super easy. I prefer it to toilet paper and it saves money and resources! Some may think, “no way!” And that’s fine. But, I wanted to dispel maybe some concerns. So, when you wipe, it isn’t like soaking wet, but more just damp. If you wash your kid’s bed wet sheets, panties with discharge in them, kid’s pee accident, panties when you sneeze and pee a little… All the same thing. When I have a kid in #clothdiapers, I usually wash only with them, just for routine. But, right now, they just go on with regular laundry. Do you use family cloth? What questions do you have? Do you want to? #savemoney #saveresources #reducereuserecycle #naturalmomma #callmehippy #feelsnicer #feelscleaner

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What do you think about Creekside Kid’s new ‘family wipes’?

Would you ever consider using reusable toilet paper?



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