This Charlotte Company Is Creating The World’s Most Advanced Swim Suits For Team USA


Speizman team usa suits charlotteTeam USA’s rower’s team has chosen to use a Charlotte company to design their suits (known as ‘unisuits’) for this year’s Olympics in Rio.

It’s taken the Speizman International Seamless Development Lab in Charlotte over a year and a half to perfect their newest design.

The high-tech suits, made from polyester and nylon, will fit like a “second skin” and will be much lighter and stronger than any other rowers suit in prior years. The company also worked in anti-microbial elements to protect the athletes from Rio’s polluted waterways.

Speizman has is producing a total of 290 U.S. Olympic rower suits, as well as five unisuits for the Nigerian Olympic team.

Hopefully these suits will help to bring home some more Olympic gold for America, and some more local pride for Charlotte!

The 2016 Olympics will be taking place in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, from August 5 to 21.