Charlotte Community Rallying Together To Help Girl Who Was Orphaned and Kidnapped By Uncle


arie-help-fundOne brave little girl is now receiving help from hundreds of strangers after an unimaginable tragedy.

Earlier this month, Curtis Atkinson Jr. murdered the parents of 11-year-old Arieyana Forney, then kidnapped her and escaped to Washington DC, according to CMPD.

After a national amber alert was issued, she was quickly found in Washington, and Curtis was arrested.

Charlotte’s Hickory Grove Baptist Church and Christian School is now stepping up to help Arieyana.

The church has agreed to pay all the costs for her schooling, and they’ve launched an online fundraising campaign for her living expenses.

“Arieyana was brought back to Charlotte with an immediate need for a family to live with. She is a 6th grader at Hickory Grove Christian School in Charlotte, NC where she expressed the desire to continue to go to school.  She is now back in school and living with a foster family that is connected to the church and school.

Our goal is to raise the support for Arieyana’s immediate needs and to provide a foundation for her long-term needs. Arieyana is starting over from scratch,” according to the campaign.

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