Charlotte City Councilwoman Up For Reelection Compares Donald Trump To Hitler on Twitter


Charlotte City Councilwoman LaWana Mayfield tweeted out a controversial tweet yesterday comparing President Donald Trump to Hitler.

At around 11:00 a.m. she sent out a Tweet saying;

“For all who read about Hitler you are now living how he reigned in #45 #DraftDoger #ClinicalSociopath #ASKAboutYemen #IdiotinChief”

The term ’45’ is what many people are using to refer to Donald Trump, as he is the 45th president of the United States.

Mayfield then sent out another tweet about an hour later, referring to our 45th president as a “Disgrace to the Nation,” including a link to the tweet where Donald Trump tweeted out an edited video where he body-slams CNN;

After dozens of responses on Twitter, phone calls, and E-mails, Mayfield released a public statement about her tweet, giving more reasoning for her comparison, but not backing down from it in any way;


“My anger and passion when tweeting was directed to those that continue to make excuses for a man who is leading our Nation in a divisive direction. His policies, the creation of the “Birther movement”, executive orders and continual mistreatment of marginalized communities has quickly eroded the landscape of civility and civil discourse in our society.

I value the diversity of my community, work to be inclusive and give voice to those that are not at the table and bring equity to this City that I love.

While my words chosen have offended some, my intent was to bring attention to the continued crisis that we face each day while this president is leading us. My post angered some and I stay in a state of anger every day I watch the news and this like many posts was shared to shine a light on hypocrisy and the discourse rising in our Nation.”

To view her full statement in PDF form click here.

Mayfield is currently up for reelection against Republican candidate Daniel Herrera for Charlotte City Council District 3.

Polls for early voting are now open – you can find out more about the election for City Council, our new Mayor, and other positions here.

What do you think about Mayfield’s tweets?

Should elected officials have the same degree of freedom of speech as private citizens?