Charlotte City Council Votes To “Strongly Condemn President Trump’s Racist Comments”


Yesterday afternoon, the Charlotte City Council voted 9-2 to approve a new resolution that “strongly condemns all of President Donald Trump’s racist and xenophobic social media tweets and comments”.

The new measure comes in response to the President’s recent tweets and statements about 4 democratic congresswomen, and the “send her back” chants at President Trump’s rally in North Carolina last week.


All 4 of the women who Trump told to “go back” to “countries whose governments are a complete and total catastrophe” are US citizens, and 3 of them were born in and have always lived in the United States. 1 of the 4 women, Minnesota Representative Ilhan Omar, was born in Somalia and became a U.S. citizen as a teenager.

Charlotte’s resolution was modeled after a similar measure that was approved by Congress last week, which also condemned the Presidents recent statements.

It specifically hits on the two incidents involving the 4 congresswomen, and several of Trump’s other controversial remarks, including his statement that there were “very fine people” on both sides of Charlottesville’s 2017 white-nationalist rally, as well as his statement that Haitian immigrants “all have aids”.

Here is the resolution in its entirety;

What do you think about the President’s recent statements and his supporter’s chants?

Do you agree with Charlotte’s new resolution?