Charlotte Breweries Fill Their Tanks With Fresh Water To Prep For Hurricane Florence


A total of 5 local breweries have now filled their tanks with fresh water for Charlotte-area residents in preparation of Hurricane Florence’s coming devastation.

The small craft beer makers decided to sacrifice their fermenting tank time to help our city prepare.

Resident Culture in Plaza Midwood was one of the first to empty their beer and fill their tanks with water;

Divine Barrel in NoDa followed suit soon after;

as well as Blue Blaze Brewing, just North West of Uptown;

The movement has even spread down to Gastonia at Cavendish;

and Waxhaw, with Dreamchasers Brewery;

“We have our tanks filled up with clean water if anyone in the community needs it or wants to fill up . Bring your containers and we will fill them for free.”

Anheuser-Busch’s main headquarters has even decided to help out with the Carolina relief efforts.

At the request of the American Red Cross, the global company will be delivering 300,000 cans of emergency drinking water for Florence relief to hurricane-affected communities in the coming days.

“This year, as part of Budweiser’s Super Bowl commercial launch, we committed to expanding our emergency drinking water program,” Bill Bradley, Vice President of Community Affairs for Anheuser-Busch said. “Today, we’re pleased to be officially delivering on that promise, doubling our production capacity to help our fellow Americans in times of need.”

What do you think about all the brewerys’ support?