Charlotte Area Transit System Warns Against Riding Light Rail With Samsung’s Note 7 After Fire

via Facebook - Nathan Dornacher
via Facebook – Nathan Dornacher

Leaders at the Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) have just issued a warning against any Samsung Galaxy Note 7 owners from riding on the light rail or on buses, or from being in public facilities.

The warning was issued just 1 day after the US Government issued an official public recall of all devices.

In the statement, CATS officials note:

“Safety is our number one priority. CATS strongly urges riders not to use or charge the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 mobile device on trains, buses or at stations or facilities. CATS encourages customers to be responsible and follow the manufacturer’s advice to turn off the Galaxy Note 7. This is particularly important when riding a transit system that transports thousands of citizens daily. Thank you for being a partner in safety.”

Samsung began mailing out the phones toward the end of August – they were expected to go on sale in stores on September 2nd, but sales were halted after reports of fires began to come in.

Here is one of the many examples of the Note 7 catching fire:

If you own a Samsung Note 7, you can find out if you need to refund and exchange your phone on their website here.

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