Causes and Fix of Humid Crawl Spaces Repair in Charlotte


If the house you own features a crawl space thereunder, there are some things you should do to make sure it’s properly cared for and adds value to your home. Some homes built on crawl spaces have issues with moisture-related problems.

What Causes Crawl Space Problems and Damage?

  • Standing water and flooding
  • Insulation falling from the ground joists
  • Moisture seeping up from the bottom
  • Condensation from the walls and HVAC equipment
  • Mold and mildew on the ground joists and subfloor
  • Pests insects within the crawl space

Signs of a Crawl Space Problems

There are some common symptoms of a much-needed crawl space repair that you can see without having to urge into the crawl space. For example, finding any mold or moisture damage within the crawl space or living area or a musty odor within the living room are red flags that something is wrong within the crawl space.

Condensation also can be an enormous indicator that your crawl space needs work. You’ll see condensation on air-con ductwork or equipment, insulation, water pipes, or truss plates. Buckled hardwood floors or high humidity within the living area is another thing to look for. You ought to even be aware that insect infestations or rot in wooden framing members indicate a bigger problem.

You may notice a rise in these symptoms during the spring and summer when humidity is highest, but it can occur at any time of the year. People will usually call an HVAC specialist, but the matter doesn’t roll in the air con, but instead with the shortage of moisture control within the crawl space.

Unsealed crawl spaces also can cause more problems than simply moisture and mold. It’s also the right opportunity for insects and rodents to urge into your house. Getting rid of these pest infestations can take an extended time and be expensive, especially if you do not lookout for the source of the matter.

Do You Need a Sump Pump Installation?

Whether or not your crawl space requires a suction pump depends on the water levels within the crawl space. If your crawl space just has some condensation, but no standing water, then you’ll not need one. If there’s any amount of standing water in your crawl space, then you’ll need one. You need to get help from experts who offer services of humid crawl spaces repair in Charlotte.

If a suction pump is required, it’ll be installed at rock bottom, a part of the crawlspace then drains, or trenches will be installed to assist guide any water to that area. Then the suction pump will pump the water out and far away from your home. This helps keep your home dry and removes all the moisture from the crawl space that also gets in after encapsulation.

The odds are that if your crawl space goes to profit from encapsulation, that it’ll also enjoy a suction pump. You don’t want to travel through the method to seal off your crawl space just to have it refill with water again.