Casino Game Development Trends And Difficulties


Since the inception of the Internet, online gambling has been one of the most rapidly growing sectors. They are progressing at a breakneck pace thanks to innovation. This market is now experiencing substantial changes as software developers use cutting-edge technology to provide gamers with ever-increasing chances.

The year 2020 has shown that the future is difficult to foresee. The COVID-19 epidemic has had an influence on the gaming business, its productivity, competitive environment, and future prospects, just as it has on other sectors. Despite the epidemic, the online gambling sector continues to expand, and certain unique market developments are likely to emerge in 2021. Develop the best games with Whimsy – casino game development services.

The best solution for attracting new traffic and getting the maximum response from the target audience is the development of slots with unique mechanics and design. What should be the new generation of gambling content, our experts will tell you.

Online casino market trends: what to consider?

The gambling business not only instantly adapts to global market changes, but also sets trends for the entire IT segment.

The most promising trends:

  • Mobility. With the growth of mobile traffic in the industry, the Mobile First effect is observed: content is first created for tablets and smartphones, and then adapted for desktop users.
  • A virtual reality. The technology has found applications in the creation of slot games and in the betting business. According to IDC forecasts, the turnover of the VR industry will grow by 77% by 2023.
  • Support for cryptocurrencies. Since 2021, digital transactions have been supported by the PayPal service. The largest banking system Visa announced the development of a similar service.
  • Social content. Products with a new monetization system have appeared: bets in games are presented as additional optional purchases.

Benefits of exclusive content

By ordering casino software according to their own sketches, operators receive the following benefits:

  • new channels for promotion;
  • increasing brand awareness;
  • the response of the target audience;
  • attracting new generation gamblers;
  • expansion of sales markets;
  • increasing competitiveness;
  • the ability to use advanced IT tools (VR and 3D technologies, instant game mechanics, etc.).

It is important to know: since 2021, Google has allowed operators who adhere to the rules of responsible gambling to sell gambling products in play markets.

The main thing about developing gambling content

On a gaming site, exclusive software is a terrific method to attract new players and retain an engaged audience.

The following are some of the current trends in developing entertaining and successful iGaming products:

  1. Cross-platform. Mobile traffic surpassed desktop traffic for the first time in 2021, with 50.8 percent.
  2. Games based on virtual reality. The VR industry’s turnover will increase by 77 percent by 2023.
  3. There is no cost for enjoyment. The use of bets as a means of purchasing extra gaming possibilities is becoming increasingly common in social content.

Challenges for slot casino developers

The gambling market is developing in parallel with other high-tech sectors of the economy. Developers of online casino games face a whole host of challenges:

  • functionality. More bonus features and unusual properties makes the product more attractive;
  • protection. The program code must be protected from hacking and manipulation of results in favor of intruders;
  • graphics. Flat graphics are being replaced by three-dimensional models, catchy animations and colorful special effects;
  • subject. Developers of games for online casinos have stopped supporting consumer nostalgia for “one-armed bandits” – traditional symbols are replaced by comic book heroes, sports stars or fictional characters;
  • innovation. Increasingly, developers are turning to virtual reality and other technologies;
  • versatility. The player must have access to online casino games at any moment from a PC or pocket device;
  • live format. It’s boring to play with machines – you need real people who deal cards or start a roulette wheel;
  • socialization. People love to communicate, share problems and joys. Online casino players are no exception;
  • the spirit of competition. To keep the game from getting bored, you need to bring the spirit of competition into it. Players will strive to get into the ranking of the best and be proud of the skills they have acquired;
  • monetization. Any service must be paid for, since the one who provided it spent the effort on implementation.

This is not a complete list of the challenges facing online casino game developers. Developers study market trends, exchange experiences and strive to offer users an interesting product. You can learn more here about quality casino development .