Carowinds Opening New Aviation Park To Celebrate Their 50th Year in Operation


To celebrate their 50th year in operation, and to honor North Carolina’s ‘first in flight’ history, Carowinds has just announced plans to open a massive new section of the park next year – Aeronautica Landing. The theme park first opened their doors on March 31, 1973.

“At the center of the 50th anniversary celebration will be Aeronautica Landing, a tribute to the Carolinas’ spirit of invention, exploration, and aviation, where guests can immerse themselves in the history and future of flight,” Carowinds said in a press release.

The new section will feature a number of new rides, attractions, and restaurants, including; Air Racer, Gear Spin, Gyro Force, Hover & Dodge, and Air Walker.

What do you think about the new rides and themed section?