Carowinds Opening NC’s First ‘Double-Launch’ Coaster – Hurling Riders 0-42 mph in 2.5 Seconds


Carowinds is about to open their newest roller coaster – The Copperhead Strike.

According to their website, “it will be the first double-launch roller coaster in the Carolinas. “Double launch” means not only does the ride take off at an incredible 0 to 42 miles per hour in 2.5 seconds, but midway through, a second thrust of acceleration launches you into the next half of the experience. A series of fast, tight, close-to-the-ground maneuvers are tangled with five head-over-heels inversions — the most of any double launch coaster in North America. What’s more, this serpent of a ride never lets up throughout the entire chase – over half a mile of steel and adrenaline.”

You can experience the ride for yourself by watching the official POV animation here;

Copperhead Strike is now set to open this coming Spring.