Carolina Panthers Just Released Their 2021 Schedule – Tickets Now On Sale


The Panthers just released their 2021 schedule, and opened ticket sales for all home games.

The new schedule shows some interesting matchups and challenges for the young team. They will kick off the season at home for the 4th-straight year against the Jets, then will play at home again in week 2 against the Saints.

The team will have to wait until December for a bye, and then face one of the most difficult closing stretches in the league, playing their last 4 games against the Bills, Bucs, Saints, and Bucs again.

In a press conference, Coach Rhule said he had wished for more divisional games later in the season and an earlier bye, but said the schedule will give the young players the opportunity to quickly grow into a cohesive team.

“Hopefully we can grow as a team throughout the year and improve, hopefully we hit the bye and then we can play our best football down the stretch,” said Rhule.

You can watch Coach Rhule’s full press conference here:

You can now buy tickets for any home game here on StubHub.

What do you think about the Panther’s new schedule?