Carolina Panthers’ Graham Gano Does Insane Trick-Kick and Internet Goes Crazy (Video)


Yesterday in Tampa Bay, we saw an impressive touchdown throw by Cam, an even more impressive interception by Luke, and perhaps the most impressive pickup technique in football history by our kicker Graham Gano.

Right before the end of the half, with the Panthers up by 10 points and 17 seconds left on the clock, Graham walked up to the ball, step-kicked it to the ref, and nonchalantly turns around.

Spectrum News reporter Mike Solarte tweeted out the video of the mind-blowing trick yesterday afternoon;

and it’s since been retweeted, liked, and commented on thousands of times.

As impressive as it was, however, it still may not be as good as some of the ‘pick-me’ tricks of other NFL greats;

Graham kick-flip is actually a very well-executed freestyle soccer trick that’s been translated to American football. The Soccer Freestyle Master Guide lays out step-by-step instructions on how to do the trick…but you will need some epic footwork skills, and a decade or two of practice.