CarGuard Trevor Smith’s Advice On Vehicle Service Contracts


CarGuard Trevor Smith runs CarGuard Administration, one of the foremost providers of vehicle service contract options in the United States. This year, CarGuard Trevor Smith and his company are proud supporters of the PACE convention being held in Arlington, VA.

Vehicle Service Contracts and Their Importance

CarGuard Trevor Smith founded his company to offer vehicle service contracts to vehicle owners around the country.

While a vehicle service contract is often called an extended warranty, it is not a warranty at all. In fact, a vehicle service contract can provide a lot of things that a warranty cannot.

The job of a vehicle service contract is to provide peace of mind to a vehicle owner. A plan like this can help to cover the cost of repairs that a standard vehicle warranty may not be able to provide. In fact, a vehicle service contract often lasts a lot longer than a typical warranty would.

By purchasing a vehicle service contract, a vehicle owner has the peace of mind knowing that if they do run into any issues with their vehicle not covered by the warranty, they will be able to get the help that they need. This means the cost of repairs, replacement components, etc. is covered.

CarGuard Trevor Smith Provides Vehicle Service Contracts

CarGuard Trevor Smith runs CarGuard Administration because he isn’t a fan of unexpected car repairs. As vehicles become more technologically advanced, there is a lot more that can go wrong with them. This means that drivers can often be faced with unexpected vehicle repair bills. Some of which can require hefty loans to deal with.

CarGuard Trevor Smith and his company offer a variety of different vehicle service contracts. This allows vehicle owners to choose the exact coverage that they want for their vehicle. They will be safe in the knowledge that if there is an issue with the vehicle, the team at CarGuard Administration is going to be able to pick up the costs should the issue be covered under the service contract.

Not only do vehicle owners that choose vehicle service contracts from CarGuard Trevor Smith end up with peace of mind, but they tend to end up with fewer issues with their vehicles. This is because they are more likely to seek help when they spot a minor issue with their vehicle. This means that it is not ever going to end up developing into an unmanageable issue.

The customer-focused approach that CarGuard Administration takes to their business has helped to increase the business drastically. Those that purchase these contracts from the company know that they are going to be working with one of the best in the business. They know that they are going to be working with a company that cares about them.

CarGuard Trevor Smith Supports PACE

Due to CarGuard Trevor Smith building the company around the customer experience, he is a massive supporter of the Professional Association for Customer Experience, or PACE for short.

PACE is an organization filled with other business owners that want to ensure that the customer experience is at the forefront of everything that they do. They take the approach that a happy customer is a good customer. The organization regularly provides information and contacts to help its members increase their customer service experience.

Because the CarGuard Administration regularly interacts with their customers, as well as the customers for other businesses, it is vital for Trevor Smith to understand the best way to improve the customer experience. This is because he wants to ensure that having needed repairs carried out on a vehicle has as few headaches as possible.

CarGuard Trevor Smith has supported PACE for as long as they have been around.

PACE ConventionĀ 

Trevor Smith will be one of the attendees at the PACE convention held in Arlington, VA.

During this convention, eager business owners from around the United States will be sharing their own experiences and gaining knowledge. This will help to ensure that the customer experience is increased across the board.

While Trevor Smith has always been focused on improving the customer experience, he is a keen listener of any advice shared at these conventions. This is because he knows that no matter how good his customer experience is when it comes to offering vehicle service contracts, he is always going to be able to improve on it.


Trevor Smith formed CarGuard Administration in a bid to make obtaining vehicle service contracts as headache-free as possible. He has worked hard to not only improve the customer experience but also to keep the cost of these vehicle service contracts as low as possible. He has been able to make this possible through the support of PACE. This is why he will continue to be a keen supporter of PACE and everything that they do, including their conventions.