Career Opportunities in the Online Gaming Industry


If you love playing online games, you may be considering pursuing a career in the gaming industry. Every online game needs a variety of people behind the scenes working in different capacities to make the game work. But precisely what jobs are available within this sector? Find out more about the industry’s exciting career opportunities in the following informative sections.

Game Designer

One of the most sought-after careers in the online gaming industry is game design. From puzzles and RPGs to table games and slot games like those you can play at Casumo casino, every game needs a design team behind it. Working as a game designer, you would come up with the concepts for online games. You would develop things like storylines and characters and guide them through the production process. Seeing as competition is rife for game designer positions, it can certainly be helpful to gain a degree before you begin looking for work. Many universities now provide curricula that include video game design. By learning the specialist skills required to become a game designer and having a qualification under your belt, you will be in a much better position to get into this career.

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Software Developer

As a software developer, you would implement game designers’ visions to create a final product. You would design software that ensures online video games work according to the designers’ specifications. Software developers’ duties also include testing software to make sure it meets consumers’ needs, monitoring the performance and quality of applications, and developing upgrades for existing applications. To get into software developing, you will usually need to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in computer science so that you can acquire an excellent set of programming skills. Another route into a software development career is doing an internship, which would provide you with hands-on training and exposure to the different programming languages used in software development.


Online video games must have visual appeal if they are to be successful, so the role of the animator is essential to help online games come to life. Animators use specialized software to create a series of images that will form the basis of a video game’s pictures. You would design the characters, the environment, and other elements. You could become an animator for online games by doing a relevant course at college or university. Alternatively, you could spend time learning the skills you need by yourself. Often, employers are more concerned with your knowledge of skills and artistic ability than they are in the qualifications you hold. Also, various video game companies provide internships. If you are lucky enough to get a place, this can be one of the best routes into a game animation career.

Audio Engineer

Online video games do not only need great animation and gameplay, but they also need fantastic soundtracks. That is where an audio engineer comes in. In this role, you would use computers and electrical equipment to create sound effects, character voices, and soundtracks for online games. You would be responsible for every single sound heard in a video game. There are various courses in which you can learn the skills required to become an audio engineer, but having experience is often more valued by employers than qualifications. Doing a vocational program in which you can get hands-on experience while earning a qualification is a great way to get into this sector.

Video Game Tester

Surely any online gamer would love to have this job. As a game tester, you get to spend all day playing video games on your fast, high performance gaming laptop. However, there is more to this role than only playing games. It would be your responsibility to ensure games function correctly and that the accompanying instructions are crystal clear. You would also identify bugs and problems with online games and report your findings to game developers and designers. Before you can become a game tester, you will need to learn the skills and vocabulary relating to the job. There are various academic courses and training programs in which you can learn the relevant skillset, although it is not always necessary to have a qualification to get into this career role.