Car Shipping Questions You Must Be Curious To Ask


Relocation is itself a complicated process and when you have to move a vehicle along, things become even more troublesome. Moving a car as you relocate to a long-distance location is a tough ordeal. Gladly, there are car shipping companies that offer you a great deal of comfort and assurance of moving your vehicle to the destination with due care and safety.

However, as much as the services of the professionals are required and appreciated, there is a list of thoughts that a car owner has in his mind before he finally ships the vehicle, expecting for safe delivery. If you too are moving your vehicle and have questions about the services, here is a detailed best car transport companies list of car shipping FAQs for your reference. Go through them and get the answers to your doubts:

How far in advance should you book the car shipping services?

The exert recommend that booking scheduling a vehicle transport service anywhere from two days t two weeks in advance is fair enough. Although the best car shipping services providers will be able to offer you same-day shipping services, it is better to be advanced in booking to get the assurance of timely transportation.

Notably, some companies might have their policies regarding booking and it is wide to consult with the company while enquiring about the service.

What is the best way to ship a car- Open or Enclosed?

You must know that over 95% of all car shipments are transported in open trailers. Because there are very few problems associated with this method it is preferred by most of the car shipping companies. However, if you are an owner of a very expensive car worth millions of dollars, we recommend you to hire an enclosed trailer service for your car shipping requirement. You must know that enclosed car transport is 30-50% more expensive than open trailers.

Should I pay a deposit?

Paying the deposit is the first step towards getting a secured car moving services. If you haven’t paid the deposit, you have no assurance that the company is booked for your car shipping needs. A reputed company obliges for the good faith you put in them by paying the deposit and ensures to offer you dedicated car shipping services.

Irrespective of how many free cat shipping quotes a company provides, they only serve the once for which they receive a deposit.

How to receive the car when you are shipping to yourself?

This is one of the most frequently asked questions related to car shipping services. When you are shipping to yourself, you cannot be available on both the locations at a single time, hence to ensure that you receive the car safely, you must have to establish a representative at the delivery address. This is where your support system of family and friends play a significant role. You can ask anyone in your network to take the delivery and sign the handover papers.

As per your convenience, you can also make someone else ship the car from the origin address so that you can get the receipt.

How long does it take to ship a vehicle?

Usually, a vehicle is shipped within one week or 9 days at max. The time taken for the shipping depends on a range of factors including the distance as well as the condition of the route. Besides, if you live in an isolated area, it may take longer than usual to reach you and get the vehicle delivered. If you are living in a remote area and want an early car delivery, it is suggested to make a meeting point with the driver in the middle of a nearby city and take an early delivery.

Can I ship a loaded car?

As per the U.S. Transportation Law, a vehicle being transported, when found loaded with household items, can be fined $10,000. This is the reason most of the reputed car shipping companies do not recommend loading any household items in the car. Even if you do, you can load 2 suitcases at max, that too in the trunk, far away from the sight.

What should I check while looking for a car moving company?

From reputation to experience and insurance, there is a range of aspects that you must consider as you finalize a car shipping company. Make sure you engage a licensed, bonded, and insured moving company that has great user reviews on the internet.

Whether you are shipping a car or moving a motorcycle, you must engage a company after clearing all your doubts. Hope these questions will help you get a thorough understanding of the car shipping process and how you should move forward with it.