Car Accident Compensation: Your Legal Rights


Car accidents happen so frequently that you may consider driving to be a dangerous activity in the US! In fact, in 2019, approximately 6.6 million cars in the US were part of traffic crashes. Car accidents happening are a part of life and, if you are a victim of one, it is essential for you to be aware of your legal rights regarding car accident compensation. Let’s quickly look at what these rights are.

1) Right to compensation

Victims of car accidents have a right to compensation as a result of property damage or personal injury. So, suppose you’ve suffered any injuries or suffered any property damage due to a car accident caused by somebody else. In that case, you have the legal right to claim compensation from the person or persons responsible for causing the accident. Suppose you are ever a victim of a car accident. In that case, you should get in touch with a renowned personal injury attorney like Nicoletti Walker to preserve your right to compensation and get proper legal advice about how to go about your claim.

2) Right to contact the police

As an accident victim, you have the legal right to contact the police and file an official police report. In fact, you must always do so since a vehicle accident police report is one of the primary pieces of evidence that helps in supporting a personal injury claim due to a car accident.

3) Right to talk to witnesses

After an accident, you should speak with any witnesses who saw the car accident and get their contact information. It is also imperative for you to ask those witnesses to tell their version about the accident truthfully to the police. Having information from witnesses in the official police report will help you during your claim for compensation

4) Right to take photos

In today’s day and age, almost every smartphone can take high-definition photographs. As an accident victim, it is vital for you to take photos after the accident. You should get pictures of any damage caused to your vehicle or other vehicles in the accident. It’s crucial for you also to take photos of any injuries that you may have suffered due to the accident.

5) Right to obtain medical attention

If you’ve suffered any injuries that need medical attention, you have every right to get proper medical attention and treatment. You may suffer a whiplash injury that might not be evident immediately but will become more apparent over time. You may suffer from lasting stress and anxiety issues as a result of the accident. As a car accident victim, not feeling it necessary to seek medical treatment immediately may give the other driver’s lawyer to use it against you.

6) Right to remain silent

It is your legal right not to speak to the other party in the accident, their insurance company, or any insurance investigators. Apart from this, there are certain things you should never say if you’ve been in a car accident. Remember that what you say or do after an accident may have an adverse effect when it comes to insurance settlements or court hearings.

Things to avoid after a car accident

Apart from your legal rights, you should also know what things to avoid after a car accident since they may adversely affect your legal claim. These are:

1) You shouldn’t leave the scene

It is essential for you to remain at the scene of the accident until the police arrive. The only exception to this is if you’ve suffered a severe injury and need medical attention immediately

2) You shouldn’t admit to anything

The other party that caused the accident may try to get you to admit to something which could potentially go against you during the claim process. As a thumb rule, don’t admit to anything without speaking to a lawyer first

3) You shouldn’t agree to any private settlement

The person responsible for causing the accident may tempt you by offering a cash settlement not to file a legal claim. It is vital for you not to agree to any such offer.