Candidates Spending Last Day Before Election in ‘Super Battleground State’ of North Carolina


super battleground state north carolinaHillary Clinton and Donald Trump have each been campaigning vigorously in North Carolina, which is now turning out to be the state on which the 2016 presidential race could be decided.

For Hillary, this could be her party’s best chances of winning a state that Mitt Romney carried back in 2012.

For Trump, whose path to a majority of 270 electoral votes may be in jeopardy, winning North Carolina is crucial.

If Trump doesn’t win North Carolina, he’d have to overtake Hillary in some combination of blue-leaning states like Colorado, Nevada, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin, as well as the majority of the other battleground states:


Now that the election is only two days away, both candidates are pulling out all the stops and focusing most of their energy on what is now being called the ‘super battleground state’ of North Carolina.

On Monday (11/7), the day before election day, both Hillary and Trump will be campaigning in our state (in Raleigh), as well as Mike Pence (in Raleigh), Tim Caine (in Charlotte and Wilmington), and Bill Clinton (in Greensboro).

According to the latest RCP average poll numbers, Trump is currently leading in North Carolina by 1 1/2 points.

Will this change, however, now that the FBI has announced that they have just completed their investigation of the latest Clinton emails without issuing any new charges?

Our state has already broken a record with more than 3 million early votes cast – have you voted yet?

It’s now more important than ever!