Can You Use Your Car as a Sauna in the summer?


As a lover of the sauna, would you love to use your car as a sauna? If it’s possible, will it be safe to my car?

Well, we have the answers to these tough questions. Here, we’ll take a look at whether you can use your car as a sauna in the summer.

During the summer, it’s always hot. But as you travel for holidays or as you go to other places with your car, you might thirst to use a sauna to reduce stress. Even if it’s possible, not every car can allow you to have a sauna inside.

We are about to find out. So, if you are ready, we’ll begin by answering if you can use your car as a sauna in the summer.

Is it Possible to Use a Car as a Sauna in the summer?

Before you think of making your car a sauna, know that it will depend on the uses of your vehicle. Some people can’t risk because of the fear of getting possible damages.

So, yes! You can use your car as a sauna in the summer. You have to ensure that the place inside your car can provide more heat and humidity. Remember, the aim is to make your body gain benefits like those you can get in a sauna.

You can learn this act from the summer car sauna challenge. Though you might fail to get all the benefits in a sauna, you’ll gain a lot. The heat levels might be the same as one who uses a sauna blanket.

But what can you do to turn your car into a sauna in summer? Keep reading to find out.

How to Turn Your Car to a Sauna in the summer

As you plan to turn your car into a sauna, whether expensive or not, there are some things you must do. Remember, your car isn’t like a traditional sauna that you can quickly start using. So, here is what you should do to use your car as a sauna.

Ensure the Car has a Working Heater

Inside your car, there should be a strong source of heat. So, you can use one that is electric or a stove. The aim is to make your car to be very hot.

If you don’t have either of the heaters, you can use the one in your car. It should be a heater that works well.

Most people use the car heater, especially during the summer or when it’s raining. But since the aim is to get high-temperature levels, even if it’s in the summer, you should turn the heater to the top level.

Close Your Windows and Doors

Closing your windows might seem like a crazy idea. But yes! It will help you bring the state of a traditional sauna into your car.

Once you close the very entry point, it will be all about you and the heat. You shouldn’t allow any heat to come out. Your body will now be burning more calories as you sweat in the car.

Remember, the state in the car will be the same as the one outside. So, there will be more heat levels in and out of the vehicle.

What are some of the Precautions You should take?

As you look to gain more from the sauna conditions in the car, you should also be careful. Well, this isn’t a traditional sauna.

Here, you’ll be more dealing with something that can bring more danger. So, here are the things you should do as you use your car as a sauna in the summer.

Have a Temperature Checker

As you’ll be aiming to get the benefits of the high heat levels, you should have a temperature checker with you. It will help you check on the heat levels.

Also, after you check on the levels, you’ll be safe from anything that can harm your skin. There are some cars with good tech. Such vehicles will show you the temperature in the car as you heat yourself.

Check the Condition of Your Car

Before you think of turning your car into a sauna, ensure that it’s in good condition. If you put your vehicle under such high heat levels yet it’s in a bad state, then it might have a problem. It might even explode.

If the engine or the heater has a problem, then you should fix it. Besides the safety, it will allow you to enjoy the sauna conditions at peace.

Remember about Sweating

Sweating is healthy for you. But as you get the health benefits of this condition, you should care about the state of your car.

Your sweat can reduce the quality of the seats in the car. So, you carry your towel with you. Also, you can cover the seat with something to prevent much damage from your sweat.

After the session, ensure you wash inside your car. Remember, you’d want to use it again.

What to do After the Sauna Session in your car?

After you feel that sauna session in the summer has helped you, it’s now time for your car also to rest. It would be best if you allowed it to cool to prevent further damages.

Remember, summer can be very hot. After you come out of your improved sauna, below is what you should do to keep your car cool.

Reduce the Heater Levels

After you are through with the session, first, do away with the primary source of heat. It can be the stove or car heater. If it belongs to the car, turn it into a cooler.

Remember, the main aim is to deal with the hot air in the car. You can also turn off your vehicle if it is on during the sauna session.

Open the Doors and Windows

This way is the simplest. Ensure you crack open the windows and doors. It will allow some fresh air to come in and reduce the heat levels.

Also, once you let a fraction of the window down, the vehicle will release some of the hot air. If your car has sunscreen, you should open it up. Also, an air conditioning in your care, make use of it.

If you are going for another drive after the sauna session, come out and let more air come in. But if you are parking the car, you can still open the doors and windows.

Find a Parking Spot

During summer, the weather will be too hot to allow you to park your car anywhere. Ensure you park it in a place with a lovely shade. It can be under a tree or some cover.

But if you can’t get a spot, cover your vehicle with something that reflects the sun. If you do this act, it will reduce the levels of heat coming on your car. 

Are there dangers of Using a Car as a Sauna?

Also, on the other side, using your car as a sauna in the summer might seem like the wrong idea. Some dangers come with increasing the levels of heat in your vehicle. Could you take a look at them?

Your Car can Explode

It’s open that as you increase the heat levels inside your car, it can explode. Well, it’s because even the weather outside can make the car also go into flames.

So, before using your car as a sauna, check well to see that each part works well. If there’s any mechanical problem, fix it. If you don’t, there are chances that things won’t be good.

It Might Be Bad for Your Health

You’ll get many health benefits, but still, the car sauna can be harmful to your body. If you keep using your car as a sauna in the summer, you can develop some breathing problems.

Remember, in the car; you are to close each door and window tightly to get the specs of a sauna. Long sessions inside the vehicle can make it hard for you to breathe.

Benefits of Using a Car as a Sauna

Since you’ll turn your car into a sauna, expect your body to get most of the benefits that a traditional sauna will give you. Read on to see the gains you’ll get from using your car as a sauna in the summer.

  • Through the sweat, your body will remove many toxins.
  • Your muscles and joints will relax more because of the heat levels in the car.
  • The heat will help your body to have a better immune system.
  • As the temperatures rise, the movement of blood in your body will be smooth.


As you plan to go out in the summer using your car, know that it’s possible to use it as a sauna. Make sure you close all the doors and windows of your vehicle.

After that, you should have a source of heat. That can come from a stove or a heater that is in your car. Also, your vehicle should be in good condition. 

This improved sauna can give you many health benefits. But they won’t be as much as the ones you’ll get in a traditional sauna blanket.

Have you ever used your car as a sauna in the summer? How much was it of help to you? We would like to hear from you.