Cam Newton Opening $7 Million+ Cigar Lounge in Atlanta


Carolina Panthers starting QB Cam Newton just announced that he’ll be opening his first cigar lounge in Atlanta this weekend, just in time for SuperBowl festivities. The new venture is called “Fellaship,” and it sits directly in the shadow of Mercedes-Benz Stadium where Super Bowl LIII will take place this coming Sunday at 6:30 p.m. on CBS (tickets available here).

He posted a video yesterday on his Instagram page to make the announcement;

Cam also posted a video to the Fellowship ATL Instagram page inviting people to “events that capture the true essence of the Atlanta culture”;

Tickets on the website are now selling from $150 to $1,000 between Friday and Sunday. Attendees will have the opportunity to mingle with Cam and other celebrities during the events.

The new cigar lounge will feature Cam’s favorite cigars and drinks, as well as a full menu of culinary delights.

“A lot of who I am is going against the grain,” Newton commented yesterday on an interview with radio station ‘The Fan’. “They tell athletes or people who come into money all the time don’t spend your money on restaurants. But this is different. I know it’s different. I feel as if for the Atlanta base, there is nothing that can equate to a person who wants to smoke a cigar, have good food and be entertained in the same night.”

Fellaship is a 4,600 sqft restaurant and lounge designed by NYC’s Meyer Davis Group with decor almost as eclectic as Newton’s pre and post-game outfits. The space even features a ‘secret’ VIP dining room hidden behind a ‘trap-door’ bookcase.

The entire project cost Cam and his brother C.J. over $7 million to complete, including the real estate, eclectic furnishings and artwork, TVs, and walk-in humidor.

What do you think about Cam’s latest venture?