Cam Newton Announces His Support For Nike and Colin Kaepernick


Earlier this week, Nike officially released their 30th anniversary “Just Do It” campaign, featuring a close-up image of Colin Kaepernick’s face, with the words, ‘Believe in something. Even if it means sacrificing everything.’ above the slogan ‘JustDoIt’.

The campaign quickly sparked outrage on social media, with many memes, videos, and statements condemning both Nike and the star of their new campaign. Some went so far to even film themselves burning their Nike sneakers and uploading it to social media.

Today the Panther’s held a press conference to talk about this weekend’s game.

During the interview, QB Cam Newton was asked about the new Nike campaign and its surrounding controversy. Cam responded by saying that everyone has the right to speak out about what they believe in, and specifically about Kaepernick, “man to man, I respect the hell out of him…”

Here’s a video of the statement;

Cam will be leading the Panthers against the Dallas Cowboys this coming Sunday afternoon at the Bank of America Stadium in the first regular season game of the season, tickets are available here.

What do you think about Cam’s statement and Nike’s new campaign?