Building an Academic Career in Researching Climate Change


Today, it is no secret that our world is undergoing some serious adverse changes due to the rise in climate change and global warming. This has become one of the biggest priorities for various countries around the world to tackle. As a result of this, universities are also working on making this issue a part of their education, and many students are aiming to become specialists in this field to make a difference.

Students who study subjects relevant to climate change can do a lot even before they graduate and start working professionally. They can carry out research and write essays on various issues related to climate change in order to make their findings public. Such free essays that are published online are a great way for students to share their work with professionals who might find some new information as a result.

If you’re interested in careers in climate change and are looking for a college where you can take part in a related course, the following list will be a great starting point. While career opportunities in climate change may seem limited simply because there aren’t many specific degrees out there in this field, you actually have a lot of different, very relevant degrees being offered that will enable you to later work in this field as a professional.

Climate Change: Graduate College Programs

  • Bard College

The Master’s of Science in Climate Science and Policy offered at Bard is a great option if you wish to learn about climate science as well as the solutions to help control the adverse changes. Students in this program will learn how to develop and deploy various technologies related to clean energy. They will also get familiar with the relationships between different ecosystems, the atmosphere, and agriculture. As a graduate of this program, you will become a policy leader and can work in the government, private businesses, and NGOs. 

  • University of Idaho

The University of Idaho offers a very good interdisciplinary master’s program in Natural Resources and Environmental Science, which will expose you to various possible careers related to science. For those interested in global warming, there is a specific track that they can choose where they will have to complete 15 credit hours of studies focused on this subject. Students will also have the opportunity to do an internship as part of this track, and they will have to produce a non-thesis research project as well. This kind of research is perfect to be turned into free essays that are published online as it may help others who are trying to tackle these issues. This kind, of course, is perfect if you wish to become a science professional and also get exposed to this complex subject.

  • Columbia University

The Master’s of Art in Climate and Society offered by Columbia University is a great program to choose if you wish to study the relationship between human activity and the changing atmosphere. The course includes various elements that focus on this issue. These are a seminar, a summer internship program or a research project, and another summer seminar. All of these aspects of the overall course are designed to help students find some areas in climate change that they will research further.

Career Opportunities in Climate Change for Students

Whichever program you ultimately choose in college, there are many careers in climate change that you can find yourself in. Many scientific programs being offered have some sort of connection with sustainable development and our changing atmosphere, so you’ll be able to easily fit into different organizations working on climate issues. You could work for government organizations, private companies that are working with sustainable technologies, or you could carry on to complete a Ph.D. in the subject and become a scientist, writing your essays and conducting your researches.


If you’re looking for a college education in climate change, at first, you may feel like there aren’t many degrees you could study for in this field. However, as you have seen, many universities offer extensive courses even as part of other, related programs. So if careers in climate change are what you’re after, then there is a lot to choose from. Simply go through the various electives or mandatory courses that various science programs have and you’ll likely find something that will enable you to become a professional in the field of climate studies.