Brighterly – New Math for Kids Startup Gathers Momentum


Why does my child perform so poorly in math?

In today’s world, a large percentage of parents have directed this question to school teachers and personal tutors. The answer to this question? While there are individual differences amongst children, math anxiety is a common reason students tend to perform so poorly in math. In fact, many students live in a Catch-22 puzzle when it comes to math. On the one hand, they perform poorly because they have math anxiety. On the other hand, they have math anxiety because of their poor performance.

However, this is slowly changing with Brighterly’s arrival on the scene. Thanks to this edtech startup, more kids are beginning to shed their math anxiety and see math for what it really is: a fun subject.

What Is Brighterly?

So you’ve probably seen an ad or two about Brighterly. Or maybe you’ve heard a fellow parent talk about it, and now you’re wondering what it’s all about. Here’s the first thing you need to know: Brighterly isn’t yet another random media buzz that fails to live up to the hype.

Instead, it’s an edtech platform dedicated to helping little kids love math and build a great relationship with math. According to Brighterly, its aim is “to be a torch in every kid’s maths journey.” Thus, with expert tutors on its team, this startup offers fun one-on-one math tutorial sessions for children in Pre-K, Kindergarten, and Grade 1.

But not to worry; these math for kids classes are all held online, so you certainly don’t have to worry about being too far away.

Why Is It Popular?

Every day, more and more parents decide that they want more for their kids when it comes to math. The implication of this new decision? Brighterly gathers momentum as parents turn to this edtech platform for help. However, there’s more to Brighterly’s rapidly increasing popularity than this singular reason.

To begin with, this platform is taking great strides in the edtech industry with a team of highly-trained math tutors online. According to Eugene, Brighterly’s founder, the startup “would not manage to develop the wide math skills in kids without Brighterly’s teachers.” Only a tiny percentage of applicants are typically selected, and successful candidates undergo rigorous training and onboarding, ensuring that the best crop of teachers teaches the kids. With this high standard, it comes as no surprise that Brighterly is rapidly gaining momentum.

Just in case you were wondering, here are further reasons why this startup for kids is currently doing numbers:

It puts the fun in learning

Who says learning can’t be fun? Unfortunately, many people seem to think that learning has to be boring and traditional. As we’ve seen over the years, this approach hasn’t exactly yielded the best results. Instead, it has only caused students to hate maths (and other subjects).

Thankfully, Brighterly puts the fun back into learning math by using a game-based approach. Here’s how it works. Children love games and would willingly spend hours playing a game like Candy Crush. So what if you took their favorite activity and integrated it into learning? So far, this approach has yielded the best results. Children learn faster through games and will also be more willing to learn.

The bottom line? Parents who want their kids to enjoy math are highly appreciative of Brighterly’s edutainment model, and this explains why this startup is fast becoming a parental favorite.

Personalized learning experience

Students are often clumped together and taught the same way in most schools and educational settings. Does this method work? Yes, it might… for some students. However, children have individual differences, and this often plays out in the way they learn. While some students may learn at the speed of light, others might take longer to get there.

 Brighterly recognizes these differences and, as such, makes allowances by offering students a personalized learning experience. Students are taught according to their specific learning needs and preferences instead of being taught according to the status quo. This revolutionary teaching model is certainly a breath of fresh air and largely contributes to Brighterly’s growing popularity.

No minimum age requirement

A lot of people (parents inclusive) tend to fall for the misconception that kids may be too young to learn math. Well, this isn’t exactly the case. According to several studies, children can learn math even as toddlers, and as such, it’s never too early to start teaching your child math. In fact, it’s advisable to, in a sense, “catch them young” by teaching them basic mathematical concepts from the cradle.

Upon this foundation of “catching them young,” Brighterly builds its platform. This startup has no minimum age requirement and offers classes for children as young as pre-k level.

Refund policy

With the rising wave of online scams and false promises, everyone is a tad skeptical about handing money over to any platform, regardless of how reputable they seem. To help put parents’ minds at rest, Brighterly offers an excellent refund policy, letting parents pull out in the unlikely event they aren’t satisfied with the services received.

Refund policies are seldom heard of in the educational sector, and as such, Brighterly’s refund model sets it apart from the rest and reassures parents of its credibility.

Hands-on learning

Taking a step away from traditional learning, Brighterly takes a hands-on approach to learning. Kids are taught how to apply mathematical concepts to real-life and derive new formulas instead of simply watching tutors do all the work themselves. 

With a practical learning model in place, it is no surprise that this edtech startup is rapidly gaining momentum amongst parents and guardians.

Final Thoughts

Brighterly is a revolutionary edtech startup that is becoming increasingly popular, and for good reasons. In the words of the founder, this platform seeks to bring ease to both parents and students alike and has “enlightened many paths thus far.”