Brave North Carolina Woman Becomes Viral Sensation After Scooping Up A Massive Snake


north-carolina-snake-in-pillow-caseAn epic North Carolina tattoo artist just became a viral sensation after posting a video of a recent snake encounter.

SunShine McCurry posted the video to her Facebook profile on June 1 after catching a snake that snuck into her Forest City, NC.

She basically just grabbed a pillow case and scooped up the massive 5-ft-long black snake without giving it a second thought;

Her original Facebook video received millions of views in just a few days, then she posted it to YouTube to start earning ad revenue – the YouTube video already has over 100,000 views.

Some of the comments under the video show why the video went so viral so quickly;

“I’d marry a woman that’s like even 1/10th as awesome as you.” – Hippo Maestro

“THIS WOMAN IS AWESOME! I couldn’t even enter a room with a spider and she straight up man handles that snake like it’s just a pair of dirty underwear” – allisinian

“Obviously, you come from Paradise Island. <3” – Eve Esquire


Hopefully we can all glean a little courage from SunShine!



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