Bomb Robot Removes Suspicious Package From CMPD Headquarters After Evacuation


cmpd-headquartersYesterday afternoon, at around 4pm, a CMPD employee noticed a suspicious package that was delivered via FedEx to police headquarters. The package was not addressed to any specific name – it simply read ‘CMPD’.

When officers had their bomb-sniffing K9 examine the package, he gave the signal for a positive alert. The package was x-rayed on scene to reveal what looked like a cell phone, flashlight and a bulb.

The CMPD headquarters building was then evacuated at around 4:30pm

Their ‘bomb robot’ was sent in to retrieve the package, and it was then placed on a transport which took the package to a safe location to be examined further.

There’s still no word on exactly what’s in the package or how long it will take for CMPD to confirm if it did in fact contain explosives.

We will update this article when new information becomes available.