Bojangles’ About To Test Their New Delivery Service At Select Locations in Charlotte


The Bojangles franchise is about to test a new delivery service around the Charlotte area.

The CEO told investors during this past week’s conference call that the company had “a challenging fiscal quarter” and would be testing delivery in 10 restaurants to help counter the sales declines. The goal of the new service would be to expand their customer base to reach more college students, hospital workers, and home offices, without taking away from in-store sales.

“If that’s incremental sales, then great, if that’s at nighttime and it’s something that we wouldn’t have got,” said Chief Executive Officer Clifton Rutledge. “But what would kill us is that if that same customer would be coming through our drive thru, that we’re now taking away from that, then that just doesn’t work. That puts you upside down on that.”

They decided to launch the new concept in Charlotte since we’re the home of their headquarters and since we have some of the best brand loyalty in the country.

“We believe conducting the test here in our hometown, a significant market for our brand and close to our support center, is important as we evaluate the results of the test,” said Chief Executive Officer Clifton Rutledge.

“Again, this will be a limited test focusing on gathering data and real-world learnings to help make the best informed decisions regarding future efforts towards delivery.”

They do currently have delivery options in Charlotte through several third-party services, including Postmates, Doordash and GrubHub, but these companies only reach about 13% of Bojangles stores nationwide.
Bojangles first started in Charlotte in 1977 and have since expanded to over 700 locations up and down the East Coast.
They plan to start testing their new delivery service by the end of this year or early next year.