Beyond Meat Launching Their Plant-Based “Beyond Fried Chicken” In Charlotte-Area KFCs


Beyond Meat has just announced plans to launch their new “fried chicken” meat-type food product in several KFC locations around Charlotte and Nashville.

The new food product is 80 calories per piece and features rubbery textured fibers designed to fool people into thinking they are eating actual meat.

In an interview, Beyond Meat’s CEO Ethan Brown said; “Creating a muscle-like, fibrous texture is very important when imitating chicken, because that’s what humans have come to expect when they bite into a piece of meat”

The company first introduced their new meatless fried meat concept at a single KFC location in Atlanta where their entire stock sold out in about 5 hours;

The new “Beyond Fried Chicken” will be available starting in February in dozens of KFC locations around Charlotte and Nashville.

What do you think about the new concept?

Are you excited to try it?