Best Straw Hats – What to Consider While Choosing the Ultimate Straw Hats for Women


Do you want to go out during the hot summer days but the sun rays are preventing your wishes? We all know the UV rays from the sun are extremely harmful to our skin and eyes. Therefore, apart from applying sunscreen all over your body, you also need to protect your head. One of the best ways to do so is by wearing a high-quality straw hat for women. 

Today, you can find various sun protection hats in the market. But nothing can beat the effectiveness of the straw sun hats for women. They are available in various colors and styles to choose from. Therefore, the purchasing process of the best straw hats can become an overwhelming experience. To choose the perfect straw hat, you need to know about the sun protection factor and your reasons for purchasing them. 

What is Sun Protection Hat? Can Straw Hats be Called as Sun Protection Hats Too?

The primary purpose of the sun protection hat is to protect your head and skin from harmful UV rays. Even though these hats can also increase your fashion statement, people purchase them mainly to get protected from the sun rays. The properties of the hats are extremely effective at protecting you from the sun. As per various reports, UV rays are the primary cause of most skin cancer problems. 

Squamous cell and basal cell cancers, which are the most common types of skin cancer, are found on specific parts of the body that have been exposed to sunlight for a long time. As per Pubmed, UV rays can also increase the risks of melanoma. Many doctors recommend using proper hats while going out. 

If you’re thinking the straw hats can be considered sun protection hats or not, the answer is yes. In fact, they can be considered as one of the best sun protection hats for women in the market. 

The Basics of Sun Protection Hat

What are the basics of sun protection hats? Do straw hats fulfill the requirement to be established as sun protection hats? What are the features you should look for while purchasing straw sun hats for women? 

Size of the Hat

This is one of the most important points you should consider. It’s better to purchase too large hats instead of too small hats. A tight hat will not only give you headaches but can also cause sweating problems. However, it’s better to choose the perfect hat as per the shape and size of your head. While purchasing online, make sure you take proper measurements of your head. Using a measuring tape will help you get proper measurements. 

Once you know your head size, you need to consider the size chart available on the website. Keep in mind that manufacturers follow different size charts. Don’t hesitate to contact them if you’re confused about the sizing. 


When it comes to straw hats for women, you need to pay close attention to the material and fabric of the hat. Here are some other factors you need to consider:

  • Breathable fabric: High-quality straw hats are made of breathable fabric. This is an important thing you should consider wearing straw hats on summer days. When the straw hats are made of light fabric, they will increase the airflow on your head. This way your head will remain cool. 
  • UV Protection: The straw hats should be capable of protecting your head from harmful UV rays. Make sure you purchase a straw hat that has a UPF rating of more than 50. 
  • Mesh Panel: The mesh panel is another important factor that will determine the effectiveness of the straw hats. Additionally, the mesh panels will also determine the amount of sunlight passing through the hat. 

What is the UPF Rating?

The UPF is known as the Ultraviolet Protection Factor. The UPF rating indicated the effectiveness of the hat to prevent UV radiation from reaching your skin. 

There are different types of UV ratings for straw hats. For instance, straw hats that come with a 50+ UV rating are the best option to protect your skin from UV rays. The larger the UV rating, the greater protection you will get. 

Who Can Benefit from the UPF Rated Straw Hats?

Everyone can enjoy the benefits of UPF rated straw hats. However, some specific women can enjoy the benefits of UPF rated straw hats.

  • Women who have skin sensitivity issues will find the UPF rated straw flags extremely effective. The straw hats will protect their neck and eyes. Therefore, they won’t have to suffer from skin irritation while going out. 
  • Women who are on medication can also reap the benefits of UPF rated sun straw hats. They will not only feel comfortable but also relaxed knowing that they are safe from exposure to UV rays. 


These are the things you should consider while choosing the ultimate straw hats for women. If you have any other questions or opinions, make sure you share them with us in the comment box below.