Best Service Dog Breeds: Canines Reporting For Duty


Dogs are wonderful companions and affectionate cuddle buddies. But there is so much more to these majestic animals – dogs are diligent workers.

If it could talk, a canine would probably apply for a job at your local sales company!

However, not all dogs are tireless workers. Some are more lazy than others and won’t bother moving a muscle. This is why we’re going to distinguish the best service dog breeds from professional procrasti-canines!

So, does a service dog really work at a sales company? Well, not quite. But you can find a service dog that is working full-time as someone’s personal assistant!

Service dogs are four-legged wonders that have been socialized and trained to help ease difficulties that are associated with their owner’s mental and physical state. How cool is that?

The majority of service dogs are employed as hearing, guide, and medical alert service dogs. But, let’s not forget mobility, psychiatric, and autism assistance dogs.

Are you wondering what are the best service dog breeds? Take a look!

Golden Retriever

The Golden Retriever is undeniably a man’s best friend, especially when it comes to assisting in day-to-day tasks. Both male and female Goldies are intelligent, outgoing, enthusiastic, and always in the mood for cuddles! But, when they’re on duty, Golden Retrievers take their tasks seriously.

What makes the Golden Retriever a great service dog is its smart head and how fast it picks up commands. As a fast learner, the Golden Retriever manages to effortlessly memorize daily instructions and task patterns.

Thanks to its large size, there are almost no obstacles for the Golden Retriever dog. This golden canine easily opens doors, picks up things for its owner, carries grocery bags, and moves items around the house.

Moreover, its size makes it stand among the crowd. So, the Golden Retriever can be a great guide dog for owners with hearing and/or sight impairment.

Labrador Retriever

Inheriting a large and muscular body, the Labrador Retriever is a perfect assistance pooch for the disabled. It is a very obedient dog with eagerness to please, which makes every daily chore as easy as pie! The calm demeanor and friendliness of a Labrador Retriever is enough to brighten its owner’s day.

Beside being a hard-working service dog, the Labrador Retriever provides emotional support with its goofy yet lovable temperament.

Moreover, these canine wonders make incredible drug detection dogs, as well as search and rescue dogs.

It seems that Labs have a sixth sense with which they detect low blood sugar levels in diabetic patients. Labs can also predict upcoming seizures and panic attacks and  will immediately alert the owner or anyone in their vicinity.

German Shepherd

Are you wondering what makes the German Shepherd one of the best service dogs? Its fearless and alert personality of course! The German Shepherd is a courageous and protective dog that is always by its owner’s side.

Due to the fact that it is a large dog, the German Shepherd is a perfect match for people with physical disabilities. In fact, the German Shepherd is the best physical assistance canine. And, it is all thanks to its size, intelligence, and trainability.

It seems that the intelligent German Shepherd understands every word you say because it responds with great action that deserves all the attention and yummy treats!


As a working dog, the Collie has a constant urge to perform various tasks. This unique personality trait is what paved the way for the Collie to become one of the most distinguished service dogs!

Collie’s sociable personality topped with a calm demeanor is what makes it the perfect service dog for youngsters with physical and/or mental disabilities.

Not only is the Collie a helpful buddy for kids, but it is also a loyal and dedicated companion to adults. The Rough Collie is frequently seen assisting people that suffer from psychiatric disorders such as PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder) and autism.


Not only does the Poodle have a soft coat that provides comfort to its owners, but it possesses an almost magical property – the Poodle’s coat is hypoallergenic.

Besides being the perfect choice for dog allergy sufferers, the Poodle has a super sense which helps it detect various allergens in the environment.

The Poodle’s special powers are predicting the owner’s panic attack or seizure, providing a helpful distraction during a panic attack, reminding its owner to take his/her medication, alerting diabetic owners whose sugar levels drop.


To everyone’s surprise, tiny Pomeranian dogs are frequently employed as full-time service dogs! When you think about how intelligent Pomeranians are, then this does not come as a surprise.

Poms are known for their alertness which puts them right onto the best service dog breeds list. As alert and intelligent as they can be, Pomeranians notify their visually or/and audibly impaired owners whenever their doorbell or phone rings. Pomeranians even sense when their owner is having a nightmare!

Moreover, Pomeranians can help around the house with maging smaller objects. With such an affectionate and kind personality, Pomeranians are of great help to people that suffer from anxiety, PTSD, autism, and other psychiatric disorders.


Bright, energetic, loyal, and thoughtful – service dogs are miraculous little helpers that never cease to amaze us. A service dog is living proof that a canine can really save a person’s life.

While dogs on this list are most commonly seen working as service dogs, there are other dog breeds that do the job just as well! Besides our top favorite, other popular service dog breeds include: Pit Bulls, Border Collies, Bernese Mountain dogs, Boxers, and Great Danes.

These furballs are trusted with very important tasks of keeping their owners safe and happy. But, not all dog breeds make good service dogs. To become eligible for service dog training, a dog must possess the right temperament.

Service dogs are fluffy superheroes and this world would be so boring without them! Don’t you think so too?