Best Places Near Charlotte NC To Go Stargazing


With a population of nearly 875,000 inhabitants and about 2.5 million in the entire metropolitan area, Charlotte is the home of many corporate companies, including Bank of America. It has a fast-growing rate and was voted as the number one city in the country as a millennial hub. Apart from that, Charlotte also offers an eclectic nightlife with plenty of cool places to stop for a drink. 

Those who are passionate about culture can visit one of the many museums or arts locations, while nature enthusiasts can enjoy zoos, aquariums or wildlife. If you are passionate about astronomy, all you have to do is bring in your Gskyer telescope and head to one of these amazing locations for clear images of the stars and galaxies. 

Uwharrie National Forest 

Located about an hour east of Charlotte, Uwharrie National Forest is one of the best spots to see the Milky Way on a clear night sky. There is a place called the Arrowhead Campground with plenty of camping amenities if you want to spend the entire night looking at the stars, trying to catch the best image. The campground sits right beside Badin Lake which offers various recreational opportunities during the day. 

Uwharrie Forest is considered one of the least polluted areas near Charlotte, which is the main reason you will be able to enjoy your favorite nighttime activity. We suggest bringing a warm blankie with you even in the summer, and head to this place for a full weekend spent outdoors. 

Blue Ridge Parkway 

It will take you about 2h and 45 minutes to get to this remote location but we guarantee you will be amazed by its beauty. The most convenient spot from where you can see the Milky Way is the Devil’s Courthouse Overlook area. 

The air is fresher and the skies are clearer here, allowing you to see your favorite stars. On some nights, depending on the telescope you’re using, you can even see further than the Milky Way. 

What we liked most about the Blue Ridge Parkway is that there are numerous pull-offs where you can stop and stare at the skies with not a single care in the world. There aren’t any camping places in the area which is a bit inconvenient given that you have to drive for about three hours to get here. Bring a blanket and enough water and food supplies to last you through the night! 

Craggy Gardens Overlook

Located in the same Pisgah National Forest as the abovementioned overlook, Craggy Gardens offers even more spectacular views. You will get unobstructed views on both sides of the road and, if you’re coming earlier, you will also enjoy the breathtaking sunset while quietly waiting for the moon and stars to appear in the sky. 

Blue Ridge Parkway offers plenty of spaces from which you can stargaze directly from the road. However, we do recommend camping at one of the many available campsites in the area to get the most out of this outdoor experience.