Best Kayaking Water Shoes this summer


When it comes to water based activities, kayaking is one of the most loved. Kayaking with friends and families is one of the most thrilling and must have experiences in one’s life. When it comes to kayaking, protection is always important. Though when talking about it, people only think of life jackets and completely forget how important shoes are. What many people don’t know is that not all shoes are suitable for kayaking. Thus, if you plan on kayaking this year, make sure you read this article to learn about the water shoes available for kayaking, especially from Nortiv8. 

Best Water Shoes For Kayaking

With that aside, here are some water shoes available online and others that we think are one of the best options for kayaking. If this is the first time you are hearing about water shoes, you can check them on Nortiv8 shoes, then know that they are one of the top shoe sellers that specializes in the adventure niche. This means their shoes are made sturdy to withstand any adventure based problems. In addition, when it comes to water shoes, they provide a variety of options for men, women, and children as well, at an affordable price range.

Lightweight Water Sandals

Water sandals are comfortable. They have enough grip and provide enough protection, making it a perfect all-around package, and hence has become a must have shoe for water based adventures. They are also the perfect balance between durability and breathability, thanks to the large openings that help in maximum airflow. Another benefit of water sandals as opposed to water shoes is that in water shoes, any sand that enters your feet might be quite difficult to get off, and this can sometimes lead to blisters and skin tears. But with water sandals, you need not worry about this.

Barefoot Aqua Water Shoes

Nortiv8’s barefoot aqua water shoes are stylish. They have both a pull tab and a speed lacing system, that makes sure that the shoe always stays in place. When it comes to shoe traction, it is plenty enough, to help you through kayaking. These shoes also have a rubber sole that is shock absorbing to a certain extent. In addition, these particular shoes are suitable for snorkeling, diving, and swimming as well.

Quick Drying Water Shoes

The quick drying water shoes from Nortiv8 are one of a kind. First off, they are great at drying your feet quickly. Secondly, these shoes are so flexible that you can easily carry them to your destination. This comes in handy because most kayaking water shoes are not suitable to be worn on dry land, especially in mountainous terrain, due to their weak outsole. Thus, with this shoe, you can easily carry them in your bag, while wearing another shoe that is suitable for walking in such situations.

Water Socks

Water socks, even though not many people recommend them for kayaking, definitely deserve a mention, primarily because of how thin, lightweight, and strong they are. These resemble your everyday socks and when worn, will stick tight to your feet, leaving no gaps, making sure no water enters it and no sand sticks to your feet. 

Strong Water Boots

Water booties are slightly different from the other water shoes. These shoes are made of high quality fabrics and materials that will make sure to protect your feet when in the wild no matter what. Though while kayaking, you might not face such situations, one aspect where these shoes shine is the traction and making sure no sharp objects enter your shoe and pierce your feet while in water. In addition, the water boots are also great for kayaking during colder days, when the water might be freezing. For such purposes, make sure you buy water boots that are thick so that they can help control the cold to a certain extent.

How To Choose Your Kayaking Water Shoes

Since summer is already hot, there are some factors you must consider when buying your water shoes this season. Here are such points that, when considered, will make sure you have a pleasant experience during your adventure, without having to worry about any foot irritations.

Adequate Water Drainage

Water drainage is probably the only reason many people might be interested in water shoes. The more holes, the better the water drainage. Hence when looking for water shoes, keep that in mind. In addition, also make sure that these holes are in the right place, preferably at the bottom of the shoe so that water can drain away faster and easier.


Proper fit is one of the most important aspects when looking for water shoes. Since these shoes will go through a lot between water and dry land, you have to make sure that the shoe stays in place.

Good Traction

Since in kayaking, the majority of the time is spent in water, you have to make sure that your water shoe has a great amount of traction in order to avoid falling on slippery surfaces.


A water soaked feet when not dried soon can easily lead to irritations and further infections. Thus a breathable water shoe can help you reduce these issues so that you don’t have to constantly remove your shoe each time you want it to dry, which can spoil the fun of your adventure.

Final Thoughts

Thus, to conclude, when planning on buying kayaking water shoes, Nortiv8 can be a solid option. Also, always make sure to follow the important points mentioned above while purchasing your kayaking shoes so that you can stay away from any foot problems in the long run. Additionally, if you ever want to avoid blisters due to the sand when wearing water shoes, make sure you pair them with water socks, and you should be good to go.