Best IELTS Institutes Around the World


Have you been looking for a compiled list of institutions worldwide that offer their expert IELTS coaching to students? Well, look no further because this is the place for you. IELTS coaching is usually done by students who want to secure a high mark in their IELTS examination.

An IELTS examination is a standardized test that assesses an individual’s English Language Skills on a 9 scale band; 1 is given to indicate none user, and 9 is given to indicate expert. This examination is extremely important to study in universities or work in companies located in countries where English is the primary language.

The result of this exam is taken into special consideration, and if a student does not perform well in it, they might lose their chances of going to that specific country. Moreover, multiple coaching institutes revolve around teaching students everything about the IELTS exam to secure a high score on the first attempt.

The IELTS School of Toronto

This school is renowned for its excellent staff and amazing material, which aids students achieve high scores. They also have a history of being a great institution for coaching because they produced over 100 students who scored 7.0 in IELTS in 2019! This means that this institution has a good track record and can be trusted to supply sufficient knowledge so that students each year perform just as well, if not better.

Moreover, most students have praised the IELTS coach by Kris’s name, who is said to be straight to the point and extremely professional. He also has a reputation for forming new techniques, which make learning far more straightforward and direct. He is also reported to know each student’s weakness and works closely with them to ensure that they always remain confident and work hard to strive for their goals.

IELTS Academy of Toronto

IELTS Academy of Toronto is also a coaching institute which is situated in Toronto. This academy is designed to give students the proper knowledge so they can ace the examination. They ensure that students are built to work around their weaknesses and work actively to improve them. They are known to have a 5-star review on their services by previous students who have taken classes to give their IELTS.

Moreover, IELTS Academy of Toronto is also known for its amazing strategies, focusing on what the student needs; this includes a 1 on 1 strategy where the teacher works directly with one student to answer all his questions and tackle his difficulties. This is not common in many coaching institutes because they prefer to give classes to a large batch of people rather than one on one since it can be very time-consuming. But this is known to be significantly better.

White Horse IELTS Academy

This academy is located in Jalandhar City, India, and is a 5 star IELTS coaching institution. This center is easy to locate, so students do not have any difficulty traveling to and from the establishment. Since they operate 7 times a week, students get more classes and hence more time to fully grasp their studying topic.

This makes securing a higher grade easier, especially in a third world country such as India, where many people do not speak English. Here institutes have to find better faculty or students to understand the language before giving the final exam. Moreover, it is rated as the top IELTS coaching institution.

KCR Consultants

KCR Consultants is a proper management student consultancy in Australia which is involved in sending students abroad to complete their higher education. They deal with various countries where students have the best access to world-renowned universities to get a degree recognized by employers.

Other than this, they are also known for their excellent IELTS test coaching. This is also their unique selling point since they work closely with the students to ensure that they get a higher score to secure their admissions to impressive universities. This is a great option for an IELTS institute because they offer amazing tips and strategies for students to ace their exams. They specifically train their students by assessing their English Language skills first and developing their descriptive and explanation skills alongside speaking skills. They tackle every module of the examination separately, including reading, writing, listening, and speaking.

They have skilled IELTS experts who have taken the IELTS test themselves and know what type of questions the examiners will want so that students can clear their tests effortlessly. Here, your IELTS coaching will be done in two aspects; first, your command over the English Language, and second, the score you wish to achieve. You will be given more training if your command is weak, but your desired score is high and vice versa.


Here we have listed only some of the IELTS institutions that offer expert coaching based on where you live, but there are many more local centers everywhere around you where you can be prepared. While choosing an institute for yourself, you need to make sure that you view all the factors such as cost, material, number of classes and faculty, etc. You should also give a mock exam by yourself so that you know exactly where you stand.

This way, you can work with your coach one on one to tackle all your problem areas. These factors will provide a perfect place for you to attend to secure a higher grade, which will be beneficial to you whether you require it for studies or work. Remember that everything in life needs to be given sincere effort or else you will not get the desired result!