Best Australian Sports Betting Platforms

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Sports have been in the heart and souls of Australians for centuries. From there rose the popularity of Australian sports betting. In 2019 alone, the betting turnover was AU $7.5 billion

And that is a 7.7% increase in gambling revenue from the previous years. But why do Australians bet on their favourite sports? It is all because of the entertainment value and potential money-making opportunities it entails. 

Due to its popularity, online establishments have taken this opportunity to polish their interface. Therefore, every Australian has a plethora of betting platforms to choose from. 

What are the best Australian Sports Betting Platforms? Read on to find out! 

Top Betting Platforms for Australians

Each of the platforms mentioned here is compatible with any device connected to the internet. Moreover, these websites adhere to the regulations put forward by the Interactive Gambling Act

Indeed, when it comes to gambling or betting, Australia has numerous choices. Yet only a handful can be considered effective and user-friendly. 

So, what are the betting apps worth downloading? 


It is considered to be the best sports betting app in existence. Why? Because of the professional customer service it offers. Moreover, it has a huge sports market that also includes Australian eSports. 

Any punter will find high-quality promotional benefits in the excellent website functionality. 

According to a PlayUp review on, it offers one of the best sportsbooks in the country. You will find this app to be straightforward as well. Furthermore, the process of the transaction remains secured. 


This platform has been in existence for over 15 years now. Therefore, it is the best place to indulge in live bets because of the innovative market drivers it offers. 

You will have access to plenty of promotional offers that can enhance your betting game. The online bookmaker in the app offers one of the best experiences. So, you will have aesthetics and a chance to win a huge ROI. 

The transaction process is easy and secured by top-notch encryption software

For first-time punters, the cash-out option in this app will be beneficial. You can easily collect all your winnings early without having to lose them all in the next hand. 

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It is an international book-making software that helps everyone place bets on their favourite teams from the world. Furthermore, as a punter, you will get competitive odds while playing this game. 

You can bet real money on top-rated games and earn huge ROI. 

High-end customer support can help you through any hiccups during the betting process. Moreover, you will get local and international betting options from the market. So, Australian punters will love placing bets on Bet365! 

The application is convenient to use, and the interface seems easy to manoeuvre. You will have access to countless events in the racing and sports market. 


UniBet is part of the sports gambling community that can transform how punters gamble in Australia. The app itself has over 14 million users from 100 countries. Moreover, the sports betting interface is easy and innovative. 

You will have all the major leagues in every type of sports in existence. 

Punters are guaranteed to have favourable experiences while using this app to bet on their predictions. Furthermore, indulging in UniBet will give you a bigger betting landscape to earn huge ROI. 

Final Thoughts

Sports betting in Australia has brought in substantial ROI to become a favourable activity. Furthermore, the apps mentioned in this article will help you achieve that without hassle or fake promises. The apps are set to revolutionize the way Australian sports betting works. 

Here you can get optimal results by indulging in your expectations!