Best App To Learn Less-Spoken Languages


The field of linguistics is ever-changing. Along with the trends across countries, the shifts in societal perceptions, and the current conditions happening around us, it seems that the languages just keep on getting exciting! Who would have thought that in a few years’ time words like folx, dis, and crackin’ will make sense in today’s discourse, right? And perhaps, this is the main reason why researchers are firmly believing the notion that there is no set-in-stone identity for any language in the world- it may all have distinct features, but some things remain the same. 

Learning a foreign language is one of the first few entries in our yearly bucket list. Most of us are pretty much focused on the idea of educating ourselves how to sound like a native and speak with full fluency when using Japanese, Mandarin, German, Spanish, Italian, or French. We consider these set of languages as “in-demand” because of how it can boost our careers in an international context, open new opportunities, and even create a deeper connection with other cultures.   

However, there is so much more beyond those languages! Asian, Slavic, Germanic, and African languages are also widely spoken by several native speakers yet these set are not granted the same value given to Spanish, German, or French. In fact, it is even hard to find language schools that offer classes on less common languages such as Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino, Danish, and Cantonese, right? 

But here is the thing. These “unpopular” languages actually offer the same opportunities in terms of equipping you with a competitive advantage at work. For instance, if you know Thai, this can become a professional asset considering that businesses are rapidly expanding in the foreign markets. With this being said, your Thai can be used especially for transacting with Thailand-based companies and people. In short, the rarer the language is that you know, the more opportunities you have in the international job market. 

And you know what is the best thing about learning today? Everything can be done within your phone! With just a few swipes here and there, you can master a language easily by constantly improving your vocabulary and understanding the intricacies of grammar using the Ling App. Offering you authentic exposure with the target language, this Hong Kong-based educational firm provides an organized virtual classroom with a clean user interface where you can significantly enhance your skills just by committing at least 10 minutes a day. 

To strengthen understanding, it uses learning activities and challenges backed by science to ensure that you will meet your language goals steadily. Unlike other applications, the Ling App offers over 60 unique languages while providing the least common languages with a chance to become popular once again. It features auditory aid, character tracing, and a whole set of native words, phrases, and grammar so that you can confidently break down how the language works.  

Perfect for goal-oriented learners and language enthusiasts, the Ling App is one ultra-handy application and have been loved by thousands of people across the world. Try it out today and experience a supercharged type of learning right at your pocket!