Benefits of the Correct Sitting Posture that Nobody Talks About


Your posture habits don’t just reflect your personality. Maintaining a good posture also influences your health condition. Office workers with desk jobs often complain about back/neck pain or stiffness from sitting for 8–10 hours craning their necks every day. The problem arises when they unknowingly throw the spine and neck into a misalignment, slowly eroding the spine’s natural curves. 

Poor posture can even lead to long-term problems. In some cases, you might even end up with compression of nerves, arthritis, or slipped discs.

If you’re trying to fix your posture, keep reading. Listed below are some benefits of the right postures that will give you a healthy life and a pain-free and drug-free life. 

  • Effortless breathing

When you breathe, your body sends oxygen to the organs and tissues. When you breathe properly, more oxygen reaches your organs, and as a result, they can function optimally. 

Slouching or slumping your shoulders can be a hindrance to the breathing process. It can lead to tension and pain in your neck, upper back, lower back, and shoulders. Lack of oxygen in the body also affects blood circulation, lung function and digestion. When you sit up straight, your bones, joints, ligaments, muscles and nerves align themselves and prevent pinched nerves or misaligned muscles, and you breathe better.

  • Pain-Free midback/neck/shoulders

The back pain industry is worth $100 billion. About 80% of the urban population suffers from back pain at one time or another. Chronic slouching, slumping and poor posture are primarily responsible for back pains.

If you make poor posture a habit, you’re putting a lot of strain on your nerves and surrounding muscles. As the vertebra in your spine slowly shifts, it begins to close down the tiny doorways where the nerves exit, which then leads to pain that gradually intensifies, if not corrected early on.

Pinched nerves is a painful, common outcome of poor posture that might need you to consult a chiropractor in MD, after you talk to a primary doctor. Reports say that patients under chiropractor treatment recover faster and the results last longer than when under medication. 

  • Easy concentrating

As you sit up straight, your body finds it easier to send the oxygen-rich blood to your brain.

This can help you feel more focused and alert, and make it easier to fight through difficult tasks without submitting to the devil’s hour slump.

  • Fighting migraine

It is a common, burdensome, and disabling disorder that causes headaches in a unilateral area. The pain aggravates with routine physical activity, with a pulsating quality and increases throughout childhood and early adult life, until approximately your midlife. The episodes of migraine generally intensify, causing nausea, vomiting, and photophobia. The neurological symptoms of migraines can vary greatly. 

All episodes can be eliminated consulting a chiropractor for migraines. Several studies have assessed chiropractic spinal manipulative therapy (CSMT) as a therapy for migraine. In some cases, chiropractors can delay or eliminate the need for drugs or surgery.

  • Easy pregnancy and labor

During pregnancy, common issues such as back pain, heartburn, and circulatory problems can be remedied by practicing a correct sitting posture and/or using chiropractic treatment. Women under the care of chiropractors have also been recorded as having smoother, shorter and less painful labour.


Apart from fixing your sitting posture, regular exercise can also relax your joints and muscles, and taking breaks during work can help sustain your health and concentration.