Become A Millionaire Using Davidson Professor’s “March Mathness” Prediction System


One North Carolina professor is going viral once again for his revolutionary “March Mathness” website.

The site automatically calculates an insanely deep set of formulas to determine the best possible March Madness bracket.

Davidson College Math Professor Dr. Tim Chartier first created the equations in 2009, and after continually placing high in bracket challenges, he started to make headlines around the country.

You can now use his formulas to make your own bracket, and potentially win over a million dollars.

Simply go to and follow the instructions.

I used the Colley Ranking on March Mathness, giving a higher weight to home and neutral games than to away games.

Here’s the bracket it calculated for me;

You can now use the site to give yourself a winning edge on several free bracket contests (become a millionaire by winning either of Yahoo or Fox Sport’s contests);

Happy bracketing!